Collect every penny. Save every nickel. Grow on a dime.

Expand your medical business with the world’s most reliable healthcare resources partner. As your global team of medical admin experts, we run a Surgically Precise Backoffice™.

100% medical focus

All members are trained and specialize in healthcare

100% on your team

Your staff is dedicated exclusively to your company

100% flex contracts

All-inclusive, or integrated with your in-house processes

Whatever you need, we fit the bill

Join thousands of clients nationwide who trust us with their medical processes. If you want it off your plate, we step up to the plate:

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Don’t outsource, intersource

You can suffer through errors, denials, negative reviews, and lost revenue. Or you can partner with Innovative Workforce Solutions—and gain even more control by commanding a more powerful, global team.

Save up to 85%

Our partnership model is proven to help clients save tens of thousands of dollars in payroll, office, insurance, hardware, and utilities. All while supercharging efficiency and accuracy.

Earn up to 2x more

Our extensively trained staff are veterans in all medical business operations. The result is a steep decrease in lost revenue and a substantial increase in realized income.

Sleep 100% well

Our workflow includes redundant technologies for zero downtime, as well as multiple layers of data security to align with PHI and HIPAA requirements for patient privacy.

Enjoy 3x oversight

We do NOT have satellite offices overseas. Instead, we maintain two complete first-party headquarters: one in New York, one in India. Both double-verify everything the other does.

Be 99.98% satisfied

Actually, you’ll be 100% satisfied with our entire hiring, onboarding, and passthrough payroll model. But on average, our total customer happiness rating is a whopping 99.98% positive.