Getting You Paid

We are your-money hungry

Good medical billing has 4 critical components. We do it all for you (or just the components of your choosing) to get every single bill settled:

Data entry

All day, every day, we collect and record up -to-date medical and visitation information to maintain accurate patient files.


On a weekly/monthly basis, we prepare and deliver invoices to all patients, and collect timely payment for medical services.


For services covered by insurance, we use the most relevant DSM code(s) and submit full paperwork to all the correct carriers.


From investigating carrier denials to pursuing aging bills, we follow a proven system to get you approved and paid.

The IWS Difference

3 pillars of a winning team


Focus keeps our vision sharp

We only run backoffice, and only for the medical community. Innovative Workforce Solutions was built by healthcare veterans for healthcare operators, and we share a deep understanding of what you need to function well and take home a healthy profit.


A global team with a family bond

Our offices in the US and in India are two sides of the same coin: yours. By partnering with us you don’t outsource—you integrate our tightly knit team into your own company. Best of all, every member is extensively trained in medical business processes, just like your home team.


The innovation to back it all up

Innovation is in all we do, such as cutting-edge network systems, real-time global workflows, digital/paperless submissions, and more. Our team is fully trained in 99% of current medical software programs, and we also advise you on the best-fitting software for your care model.


How we move your company onboard, then forward

Good medical billing has 4 critical components. We do it all for you (or just the components of your choosing) to get every single bill settled:

Phase 1

Staffing & Training

Onboarding your company begins with our signature 2-week training process. When first assigned to your team, each member is tasked with simpler duties, such as data entry and eligibility checks. During this process, they are guided by senior team members to verify accuracy and ensure optimal performance.

Phase 2

Integration & Automation

After your new hires complete their 2-week training, we gradually transition them to more advanced tasks on our to-do list, moving at a steady pace for maximum retention. Within 30 days, each team member is fully trained and approved for all tasks, capable of self-sufficient management of your company account.

Phase 3

Monitoring & Support

From the first moment of selection all across the life of your IWS partnership, our members are supported by trainers, leaders, and managers who guide them during tougher decisions. Our offices work in tandem 24/7, triple-verifying every line item and guaranteeing your billing is done by the time you get in in the morning.